It's a newly released CD which was recorded in August 2007 and its title is "SUNGLASS" This album is full of nostalgic and popular tunes and turned out a very enjoyable work.

The players are: Seiichi Nakamura (t.s s.s), Tsutomu Numakami (b), Tomoya Hara (g), Kouhei Ohta (ds), Natsuko Furukawa (p) and SARI (Vo).

Both young and veteran players united firmly beyond generations and created swinging sound. Nakamura's oldest daughter played together for 4 in 12 numbers.



"SERENETA" featured by Seiichi Nakamura and Shinobu Ito. It's a heart-warming conversation between guitar and saxophone.

The sound source became a CD, which consisted of Ito's works and was recorded at the flat of Shinobu Ito in NY on September 2004.

This CD is so comfortable beyond genre that its sound can't be reproduced if they try to record it again in a studio.

This story and how it works were described in the liner notes by Kozaburo Arashiyama. Numbers: iAll numbers by Shinobu Ito except 1 and 10j

Thankfully, it's sold out.



It's a challenging work which has Seiichi Nakamura & BoNoBo Land "Daro! "(I know!), Sidney Bechet's masterpiece "Petite Fleur"., Original piece by Seiichi Nakamura "Shinjuku 2 cho-me" and "Daro! (I know!)", Antonin Dvorak "Going Home" and other 8 pieces.
The sound has high quality, which was recorded on September 2003 by Yoshio Ishiwatari.

Seiichi Nakamura (TS,CL), Hideaki Yoshioka (P), Monkey Kobayashi (Ds), Tadashi Sato (B), Takashi Mizuhashi (B)